Pottery - handmade and filled with traditions

Differenties concerning shape, size and color gives every piece of art its personal touch. We prefer to call ourselves potters instead of ceramicans, mainly because the mainpart of our production concists of pottery suitable for everyday use and with genuine swedish traditions of design. Our pottery are of high quality and can be used in the oven, microwaveoven and can be machinewashed. The largest part of our assortment are items to be used everyday such as plates, bowls, coffee- and teacups, cans, candleholders etc. See pictures and priceinformation in our gallery.

Unique flameburned pottery

We also have a department with unique flameburned pottery. These beautiful pieces get their characteristics from the flames of fire when they are burned. It is impossible to forecast how they will look like and every piece is unique.


"Hallandsgrytan" is a local product, produced after an older model which is special for our part of Sweden, Halland. Hallandsgrytan is made in three sizes and by tradition only in brown. It is very popular among people from all over the world, as a gift or as a souvenir from the southern part of Halland (see picture down to the right).

Our history

It all began with a homemade potters wheel and clay from our local beach in Skummeslöv and since then the knowledge about our business has spread, both among tourists and locals. From the beginning we had another name (Gammelgårdens Pottery) and back then, in the seventies, even the glazing was "homemade". The colors we used were darkbrown, brownbeige and darkblue. It is most likely that many of our old customers have pieces marked with "W" in the bottom, meaning Walldén, and a stamp telling that the glazing is leadfree. Skottorps Stengods is our name since the early 1980s, partly to put Skottorp on the map. All our production is done next to our store where we sell everything. Our customers have the opportunity to see us work and ask whatever questions they like, something that is very appreiciated. If you are interested in testing your own skills behind the potters wheel even that is possible. We burn and glaze if you would like that.

Make an order

If you dont have the possibility to come to Skottorp and pick up your order we can send it to you. This applies for our whole assortment. If you wish to make an order or just have any questions, the best way is to call us (+46 430 20922) or send us an e-mail (mailto:info@skottorps-stengods.se). If you order through e-mail your order is not valid until you have received a confirmation from us. When you order, please specify glazing and when you wish to pick up/receive your order.